I was looking for more stuff for the blog when I stumbled across the picture on top. This peeked interest so I dug deeper, I know for a fact that the one on top is a fake but the one below it is not. If you look in the back on the far left  there is a kid with the same hair and boxing equipment as Stan this might not seem like much but the artiest took take great care to make sure all the other kids look different from each other but made that last one look similar to Stan. The next two go together. The one with Stan picking up the glasses is from the episode “Carpet Diem” when Stan walks into the room he picks up the glasses and hides them in his folded arms they are never seen again for the rest of the episode. The picture below that is from the episode “The Time Travelers Pig” from when Dipper and Mable start going back in time (I will not go into detail because you can look it up for yourself) as they pass the shack before it was the mystery shack the man who sticks his head out ,does indeed resemble Stan but his glasses look exactly like the ones from the room. Going back to “Carpet Diem” when dipper asks for a separate room Stan acts nervously then puts the twins to work doing tough tasks for him in an effort to make them stop going into the room. The whole episode finishes up with the twins realizing that they need each other, perhaps a giving a nod  back to why the room was abandoned in the first place. The second to last picture is of a younger Stan from “boyz Crazy” in a flash back he talks about to Dipper, this is from roughly the some time as when the twins where traveling back in time so this could prove that Stan dose have a twin. The last picture is the infamous cipher that holds a pair of glasses on the top right that match the glasses from the room. This could mean that it was Stan’s brother who wrote the books but while that theory makes sense I believe that “The Six fingered hand” on the bottom right stands for the writer and since the glasses must stand for Stan’s brother they must be two separate people. Or does it? Could something have happened to Stan’s twin to make him appear two times. Or could Stan be a triplet? I will explore this more.   

stanley pines twin pines gravity falls the book the twin theory

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